Digital Twin ensures competitiveness

Lasco Forming technology Ltd.

Manufacturer of machine tools and production plants for forming tasks.

Virtual commissioning with the NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD) results in cross-departmental product development processes and less commissioning time.

Automation technology is complex. The technical and planning requirements that must be met are respectively high. The Digital Twin is an instrument that supports Lasco in the implementation of the requirements. The actual commissioning and testing of the functionality often takes place at the customer’s site. Since often the functions are not mapped, malfunctions occur. The commissioning time and consequently the costs become unpredictable. “Three important aspects for the introduction of virtual commissioning were time, costs and resources,” is how Harald Barnickel, head of development and design, explains his decision to establish the use of the digital twin at LASCO Umformtechnik and to build the foundation for process optimisation in the design area with virtual commissioning.

First, the 3D model is transferred to NX MCD based on the design. Ideally, the design already works with NX. Via Simit, the logics of the sensors and actuators are defined.A standardized interface is then used to connect Simit with the 3D kinematics model in NX MCD. Simit has been a mature tool for virtual commissioning in the process industry for years and, in combination with NX MCD, it is an optimal solution for mechanical engineering. A precondition for virtual commissioning is the availability of compatible interfaces that allow the systems to be connected.

“It was important for us to acquire an open system that would enable the integration of third-party controls into the Digital Twin. Unfortunately, solutions from Siemens and other manufacturers did not offer all possibilities, so in the end we came across EDAG PS/iSILOG and found a reliable partner”, Harald Barnickel explains. EDAG PS/iSILOG offers a wide range of interfaces for the NX Mechatronics Concept Designer developed in-house. These interface solutions range from Beckhoff, Fanuc NC, Rockwell, ABB Ro-botstudio, to KUKA.OfficeLite and Fanuc Roboguide.