VR experience – virtual tour of Hekatron's fire testing laboratory creates confidence

Hekatron Brandschutz

850 employees

Company in the family-run Swiss Securitas Group / Special field: plant and equipment fire prevention

Duration of project: 13.6. – 27.7.2018

Results at a glance

Development of a VR application for a virtual tour of the Hekatron Brandschutz fire testing laboratory including useful additional information for visitors to the site in Sulzburg, using Samsung Gear VR glasses

Use of the VR application at trade fairs

360° application for browser-based presentation of the fire prevention tour on the Hekatron Brandschutz website via desktop, the Viond web VR player or App for mobile devices (iOS, Android)

Easy to remember knowledge transfer and creation of confidence through realistic VR presentation of the Hekatron Brandschutz fire testing laboratory

360° experience on Hekatron’s website:

“In our modern fire testing laboratory in Sulzburg, we are continually working on innovative solutions that will in the future make fire prevention better, safer, more Hekatronic. Using VR applications, interested parties can now explore our fire testing laboratory as though they were actually there, and find all the information they need. This creates confidence. This is immensely important, particularly for safety-related products. The competence of the Feynsinn experts impressed us, and the VR experience filled us with enthusiasm. On top of that, the direct personal contact is also good. Far from being given the feeling that we were just another customer, we received personal, individual attention.” – Oliver Conrad – Leiter Corporate Communication at Hekatron


Development of a virtual tour of Hekatron’s fire prevention/fire testing laboratory including fade-ins of additional information, such as videos about different types of fire, interesting facts about the testing area, products, technology room and the laboratory’s history. Initial operation of the VR application was scheduled for the staff summer party attended by 2,500 guests. The VR application is also intended for use at trade fairs, and the virtual tour is to be shown as a 360° video on the website.

Challenge, approach and aim

Legal requirements meant that groups of no more than 8 visitors could previously be shown around the fire testing laboratory at Hekatron Brandschutz. The company was anticipating a flood of visitors at the summer party in 2018. Realistic information was to be provided by a newly created VR experience, to give as many people as possible the chance to see the fire testing laboratory. In order to find out more about the required contents and then be able to create them, Feynsinn first held a workshop based on the design thinking method with the customer. First of all, VR experience targets, requirements, questions frequently asked by visitors to the fire testing laboratory and additional useful information were collected, and then categorised into different subjects. The next stage involved collecting and categorising the necessary graphic materials in the desired quality. Following this, the virtual tour was developed using the VIOND software.To ensure a perfect virtual experience, we also organised the necessary hardware (high-grade VR glasses and the latest smartphones) for Hekatron Brandschutz, and answered visitors’ questions concerning VR technology at the summer party in 2018. The visitors were so impressed by the virtual experience that Hekatron Brandschutz decided to use the virtual fire testing laboratory tour for further marketing purposes, for instance at trade fairs and in the 360° presentation on the company’s website. To this end, the Feynsinn team converted the VR application into a browser-based 360° experience, enabling Hekatron Brandschutz to maximise the reach of the action.