Moving innovation with a digital feeling

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

The second largest automotive supplier in the world in the field of powertrain and chassis technology

The synchronisation of mechanical and digital requirements, in combination with CGI and moving pictures, turned this project into an exciting challenge.

Interactive application for controlling a manoeuvrable OLED screen

During the IAA in 2016, Feynsinn was given with the task of developing a remote control application by means of which a transparent OLED screen could be moved and films played interactively. The OLED screen was set up on a platform with ZF exhibits where, depending on its position, it was used to show additional information on the exhibits and 360° views in 3D. Using an application on a tablet, the presenter was able to interactively move the screen into the desired position, and retrieve contents. This technological innovation and presentation form attracted a great deal of attention at the show, making the platform with the exhibits a fascinating highlight for visitors.